Hi, I'm Stephanie!

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So, you found me

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about me. I’m currently employed full-time as a UX/UI Developer, and I moonlight as a freelance web designer.

I'm borderline obsessed with making websites and have been since the year in which one of the greatest games of all time was released on PC. In my free time, I'm either baking something I'll complain about eating too much of the next day, hanging out in Diagon Alley, or flailing my limbs wildly in BeatSaber.


If you think I sound cool to work with, you're probably weird too so you should definitely hit me up and let me do website stuff with you.

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I take custom website projects through my company Pixelfly. I love working with other small business owners and helping people find success through a solid digital marketing strategy. Quotes are always free, and you won’t find anybody more passionate about web stuff.

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Web App, UI, Web Design

Global live search with filters

Global live search with filters

Animation, UI

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Slide-out help button

Icon, Animation, UI

Let's be friends

I’m always looking to expand my network, so if you’re in the biz, please give me an add or send a message.

If you’re inquiring about a project or contract, please visit Pixelfly to get a quote.