Tiny Scanner

Back in 2017, I attended a seminar in Orlando called Managing Multiple Priorities & Deadlines, which took place very conveniently right around the time I’d just accepted a promotion into a position with two job titles. The presenter introduced us all to TinyScanner, which is an app that allows you to quickly snap pictures of your documents, crop them, then export them anywhere you like. It totally eliminates the need for keeping most paper docs, with no scanner required. With TinyScanner, you can export your “scans” as multi-page PDF, black-and-white or color, and even email directly from the app. Finding this app made the whole seminar worth it in itself.

One of my favorite features is the magnified corner crop. This is the first app I’ve seen use this feature, and it elevates the user experience to a new level. Sometimes regular rectangle cropping doesn’t give the best result when taking pictures of documents that are irregular sizes or aren’t completely flat. Using the corner crop, you can select and fine-tune each corner manually, and the app will automatically adjust the perspective and output it into a clean 8.5×11 (or whatever your preferred size is).

I’ve been using this app regularly for about five years now and consider it one of my must-haves.


After watching the Crypto congressional hearing back in December, my curiosity got the better of me and I finally set up a wallet and invested in an adorably tiny amount of crypto as an experiment. I’m far from an expert, trading on Coinbase has helped me dip my toes in the water.

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